Publications & talks (selection)


Jarke, J. (2020). Co-creating Digital Public Services for an Ageing Society. Evidence for User-centric Design. Series: Information Technology and Public Administration. Springer. → Open Access ebook

Jarke, J. (2014). Performances of associations: Sociomaterial orderings and configurations of a European eGovernment ‘community of practice’. PhD thesis, Lancaster University.

Edited Volumes

Hepp, A., Jarke, J., & Kramp, L. (Eds.) (forthcoming). The Ambivalences of Data Power: New Perspectives in Critical Data Studies. Palgrave. Open Access.

Jarke, J. & Breiter A. (Eds.) (2019): The Datafication of Education. Routledge. → book

Edited Special Issues

Jarke, J. & Breiter, A. (2019). Special Issue Editorial: The Datafication of Education. In: Learning, Media & Technology, 44(1), 1-6. → introduction

Jarke, J. & Maaß, S. (2018). Special Issue Editorial: Probes as Participatory Design Practice. In: i-com Journal of Interactive Media, 17(2), 99-102. → introduction

Peer-reviewed Publications [selection]

Jarke, J. & Macgilchrist, F. (2021). Dashboard stories: How the narratives told by predictive analytics reconfigure roles, risk and sociality in education. Big Data & Society. Open Access.→ full paper video abstract

Heuer, H., Jarke, J. & Breiter, A. (2021). Machine Learning in Tutorials: Universal Applicability, Underinformed Application, and Other Misconceptions. Big Data & Society. Open Access. → full paper  → video abstract

Jarke, J. (2019): Open government for all? Co-creating digital public services for older adults through data walks. In: Online Information Review . 43(6), 1003-1020. → full paper

Jarke, J. & Gerhard, U. (2018). Using Probes for Sharing (Tacit) Knowing in Participatory Design: Facilitating Perspective Making and Perspective Taking. In: i-com Journal of Interactive Media, 17(2), 137-152. → full paper

Rajão, R. & Jarke, J. (2018). The materiality of data transparency and (re)configuration of environmental activism in the Brazilian Amazon. In: Social Movement Studies, 17(3). → full paper

Jarke, J. (2017). Community-based evaluation in online communities: On the making of ‘best practice’. In: Journal of Information Technology and People. Volume 30(2), 371-395. → full paper

Jarke, J. (2015). “Networking” a European Community: The Case of a European Commission Egovernment Initiative. ECIS 2015 Completed Research Papers. Paper 86.  → full paper

Chapters in Handbooks, Yearbooks & Edited Volumes

Bischof, A. & Jarke, J. (2021). Configuring the Older Adult: Instances of Shaping Age and Ageing through Digital Technology Design. In: Peine, A., Marshall, B.L., Marting, W. & Neven, L. (Eds.) Socio-Gerontechnology – Interdisciplinary critical studies of age and technology. Routledge. → full papervideo abstract

Jarke, J. (2021). Community by template? Considering the role of templates for enacting membership in digital communities. In: Kastenhofer, K. & Molyneux-Hodgson, S. (Eds.)  Sociology of the Sciences Yearbook. → full paper

Baack, S., Djeffal, C, Jarke, J. & Send, H. (2020). Civic Tech: ein Beispiel für Bürgerzentrierung und Bürgerbeteiligung als Leitbild der Verwaltungsdigitalisierung. In: Klenk, T.; Nullmeier, F. & Wewer, G. (Hrsg.) Handbuch Digitalisierung in Staat und Verwaltung.  → full paper

Hartong, S., Breiter, A., Jarke, J. & Förschler, A. (2020). Digitalisierung von Schule, Schulverwaltung und Schulaufsicht. In: Klenk, T.; Nullmeier, F. & Wewer, G. (Hrsg.) Handbuch Digitalisierung in Staat und Verwaltung. → full paper

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Kubicek, H., Breiter, A. & Jarke, J. (2019): Daten, Metadaten, Interoperabilität. In: Klenk, T., Nullmeier, F. & Wewer, G. (Eds.) Handbuch Digitalisierung in Staat und Verwaltung. Springer. 1-13. → full paper

Kubicek, H.; Gerhard, U. & Jarke, J. (2019). Users first – Nutzerzentrierung in der digitalen Verwaltung. In: Smentek, S.; Jabkowski, R. & Lühr, H. (Eds.) Handbuch digitale Verwaltung. → full paper

Other Publications [selection]

Jarke, J. (2018). Digitalisierung und Gesellschaft. In: Soziologische Revue, 41(1), pp.3-20. → paper

Jarke, J. & Gerhard, U. (2018). Mit älteren Menschen einen digitalen Stadtführer entwickeln. Mit Methoden der partizipativen Softwareentwicklung altersfreundliche Städte gestalten. In Informationen zur Raumentwicklung. Heft 6. Seite 52-57. → paper

Breiter, A. & Jarke, J. (2016). Datafying education: How digital assessment practices reconfigure the organisation of learning. Communicative Figurations Working Papers. No. 11.full paper

Jarke, J.; Gerhard, U. & Kubicek, H. (2016): Offene Daten, Datenaktivismus und Bürgerbeteilung für den demografischen Wandel in: Soziopolis. →

Jarke, J., Kubicek, H. & Gerhard, U. (2016): Services für Senioren. Kommune 21, September 2016, p.12-13. → article

Invited Talks [selection]

Target Audience: Researchers

Kolloquium Sozialforschung Universität Luzern. 25 November 2020.
‘All data are cooked’: Recipes for researching software design and use.

WZB Big Data Research Brown Bag Seminar (Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung). 9th June 2016
Datafying education: How digital data practices reconfigure the organisation of learning in schools.→ presentation slides

Guest lecture at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil. 15th April 2016.
When the algorithm knows you: How digital assessment practices reconfigure the organisation of learning. → presentation slides

Target Audience: Policy Makers & Public Sector Decision Makers & Community Organizers

3rd Smart Ageing Prize (Nesta Challenges and AAL Association), online, 9th July 2020
Workshop with shortlisted candidates on co-creation with older adults

Digitalisierungs-Convention. Bremen, 26 September 2019
Keynote: Paradox Artifical Intelligence – Chances and limits of a digital society

European Parliament Joint Intergroup Meeting. Brussels, 29 January 2019
Guest at panel: The future of Europe is co-created. Digital public services for age-friendly cities and communities

ICT 2018. Vienna, 5 December 2018
Session organiser: Moving Co-creation forward for digital public services

EU Week of Cities and Regions. Brussels, 9 October 2018.
Guest at panel: OpenGoV Co-production & Co-creation: Sharing experiences from Regions and Cities (

4th Annual Conference AGE Platform. Brussels, 18 November 2016.
Guest at panel: Social and technological innovations to help older people realize their potential

Target Audience: General Public

Think Reactor Podcast, July 2020
Guest in podcast on Discrimination and Artificial Intelligence.

State Library Bremen, 11 February 2020
Invited talk: Diversity and Digitalisation

Nationwide action days ‘Network Politics and Democracy’. State Centre for Political Education Bremen. Bremen, 15 November 2019
Invited talk: Democracy-Urban Planning-eParticipation: Citizen Participation in a Digital Society

OPEN CAMPUS Bremen. Bremen, 15 June 2019.
Project presentation: DATAFIED – Datafication for and in Education

Science goes Public. Bremen, 14 March 2019.
Science pub talk: “Oma macht `ne App! Alter(n) in einer digitalen Welt.“

Media convention/re:publica. Berlin, 2 May 2016.
Guest at panel: Against the rule of algorithms! How do we resume control?