Inspired by the ever-growing entanglement of social objectives and technological tools as their means of implementation and facilitation, I am interested in the ways socio-technical systems work and are made to work by looking at the interactions of people, technologies, organisation and practice.  My focus is on the testing, evaluation and further development of methods for the user-oriented design of socio-technical systems in order to respond to the complex social, organisational, legal, technical and ethical aspects of the digitisation of the public sector.

My research intersects the boundaries of Organisation Studies and Information Systems Research. Conceptually I draw on Science and Technology Studies (STS), and in particular Actor-Network Theory (ANT). Methodologically I have adopted an ethnographic approach which requires in-depth, longitudinal qualitative research.

My specific research domains cover:
• Public sector transformation and innovation;
• eGovernment and Open Government;
• Participatory and user-centered design of socio-technical systems.